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How can I register my nodes with Observer?

  • To register your nodes with Observer, you need an account on Then open a ticket with the category “Observer”. You can find the template for the ticket further down on this page.

How many nodes can I monitor?

  • You can have up to 3 of your own nodes monitored for free with a check interval of five minutes.

What are the check intervals for the individual nodes?

  • By default, the Observer checks your nodes every 5 minutes to see whether your node is “Healthy”.

What is meant by own status page?

  • Each user has the option of getting their own status page under the Tangle.Observer domain (as a link example

How do the push notifications work?

  • Our notification service gives everyone the opportunity to receive push notifications on their desktop device or smartphone in real time via a PWA. Web push is used for this and sent directly to the end device.

What is Observer.Pro?

  • With Observer.Pro, we want to give community members the opportunity not only to support the project, but also to add more than 3 of their own nodes for monitoring and to reduce the check intervals to one minute. You can also use your own logo if you wish.

Ticket Template

*On the status page there is the option to enter the name with the link, please note that the link to the API info endpoint is used.