Shimmer Governance Event (30 Days)

Provision of the API and validation of governance event (up to 30 days in total) in the Shimmer mainnet.

Tangle Bay offers companies, as well as private individuals, the provision of their own voting via the Tangle Bay infrastructure. We add the event in our system and offer the possibility to make the event available to your users via our public API. At the end of the event, you receive the checksum determined by us for your own validation of your event. The maximum duration of the event may not exceed 30 days in total.

After purchasing the product, please create a ticket and indicate your order number in the subject line.

In addition to the event details, please also enter the event ID so that the correctness of your data can be checked when adding it.

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  • Shimmer Governance Event (30 Days)
    EUR 290.00

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